Tshering’s Story

Tshering Yangzom is nearly 19 years old (born in 2000), and has a moderate to severe hearing loss. She was fitted with 2 digital hearing aids in October 2018. Her goals at the time were to know where sound is coming from, eg a truck, for safety; to communicate with her sister who is very young and can’t sign; and to be able to hear the movies when they have movie night on Sundays at Wangsel.

The HHfB audiologist, Karen Parfitt, saw Tshering a week after the aids were fitted, and she was really excited; she had heard the Indian music when watching a Bollywood movie the week before. At this point, she could hear speech but couldn’t understand it yet.

When Karen saw Tshering again in May 2019, she was using the hearing aids all the time. She said that she used to be able to hear some words, and could say father, mother, auntie, uncle, but she had forgotten them. Now she is hearing the words she is trying to say them again, and her family are excited about this. She is working on increasing her vocabulary. The students in the high school next door are happy that she is talking more and are helping her with her new words.

Tshering Yangzom is the lead dancer in the Wangsel dance group, and it has been much easier and more fun to be able to hear the rhythm and to dance in time with the music. The others follow her: she is the ‘ears’ for the dance group. She loves dance and has set a goal of learning to tell Karen about dance next time she visits Wangsel.