HHfB commits with Bhutan Ministry of Education to Structured Synthetic Phonics

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Hear Hear for Bhutan and Bhutan’s Ministry of Education and Skills Development was the highlight of the recent visit to Bhutan by Emeritus Professor Helen Wildy (HHfB’s Founder and Chair) and Diana Rigg, HHfB Director and Founder and Director of Promoting Literacy Development (PLD). Here we are at the Signing ceremony with Bhutan’s Acting Education Secretary, Tshewang Chophel Dorji, on Tuesday 13 June 2023:

The agreement signifies Bhutan’s commitment to improving the teaching and learning of English through the adoption of the Structured Synthetic Phonics program in the English curriculum for Pre Primary, Class I, Class II and Class III. Diana Rigg generously donated to Bhutan her Intellectual Property for this program:

Teachers have already embraced the SSP program which focuses on the learning of letter sounds, enabling students to sound out words and begin to read even in Pre Primary. Students are excited to tackle new words by sounding the individual letters and joining them together. Students and teachers alike are enjoying modern classs-room activities that generate such rich learning. Early Reading skills provide a strong foundation a high quality English education.

HHfB is proud to have reached this significant milestone and look forward to providing more support to embed an age-appropriate SSP learning program for children prior to their entry to formal schooling.