About us

What We Do

Hear Hear For Bhutan raises funds to improve the opportunities for future generations of hearing-impaired children. We do this by identifying hearing impairment in early childhood, fitting high-quality digital hearing aids to provide good access to the sounds of speech and by training early childhood teachers to coach parents and carers in appropriate interactions with their hearing-impaired children to support normal speech and language development, in line with World Health Organisation standards.

​We provide high-quality hearing aids for students of the Wangsel Institue for the Deaf, where such intervention is appropriate, and support a small oral program at the school and will build capacity to maintain the hearing aids in situ.

Our work embraces all mainstream schools to enhance the teaching of literacy in the early years. To support literacy, especially but not only for early readers, we send donated books to schools across Bhutan.

Charity Details

Our brochure features the work we have done with hearing-impaired children at the Wangsel Institute in Bhutan.  We have also introduced phonics-based teaching to pre-primary children throughout Bhutan, with the teaching method to be extended to Year 1 to 3 children progressively in the next three years.  This brochure features that aspect of our work which will enable hearing-impaired children to learn to read and speak more easily.

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Why Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayan foothills, with fewer than 800 000 people who share Buddhist values and are known for their policy of gross national happiness. Bhutan’s unique national culture is upheld with pride, demonstrating ecological sustainability, strong community spirit, generosity and a sense of gratitude.

Bhutan is rapidly developing modern health and education. Through contacts in her prior role as Dean of Education at The University of Western Australia, Emeritus Professor Wildy has built trust with senior Bhutanese leaders, giving us unique access to support the development of hearing and literacy of the young people of Bhutan.